Interview with Duke Marsh

“I realized that with emotion that I can paint any subject I want in any style I want” Duke Marsh is a talented rising painter located in Southern California. He recently started his artistic career and shares his wonderful paintings on his Instagram account. His biggest influences have been “the delicate touch of Michelangelo, the […]

Interview with Aleksandar Tancovski

“I don’t care how long it takes, one day I will be making oil paintings on large canvases of fantasy art like my Old Masters” Aleksandar Tancovski is a 21 years old art student, born in Skopje, Macedonia. Ever since he was a little boy he enjoys drawing, especially the female body. However, when he […]

Interview with Eric Saint Georges

“I cannot imagine myself anymore doing anything else… and regret sometimes not to have done this many years ago. There is so much to learn and life is so short” Eric Saint Georges is a talented French artist living in the USA since 1994. Even though he’s always enjoyed drawing and building objects, he has […]

Interview with Sladjana Buhovac

“I should have followed my heart long ago but it’s never too late to start again” Sladjana Buhovac is a talented figurative sculptor from Sarajevo based in Canada. A few years ago, she rediscovered her passion for sculpting and decided to sculpt non-stop. Sladjana shares her work on Facebook and Instagram and her community keeps […]

Interview with Tim Skinner

“Changing the lighting on a sculpture is the same as rearranging the paint on a canvas. As sculptors we need to sculpt with this in mind. Light is literally our paintbrush” Tim Skinner is a Canadian sculptor who also enjoys photography and collects vintage cameras. He has lived in warmer lands—Australia and Israel—, and tried, […]

Interview with Matti Vesanen

“The detailed sculpting of the face or hands is challenging but when you get it right, it takes the whole sculpture to a different level altogether” Matti Vesanen is a 43 years old sculptor from the south of Finland. He imprisons human nature in fascinating resin, plaster, bronze or wood structures. The majority of his […]

Interview with Gwen Roberts

“I use realism to enhance specific areas of importance and draw the viewer toward a more intimate proximity to the work” Gwen Roberts is a Photorealism artist who uses her pencils to create fascinating drawings. This British artist describes herself as “curator of emotions” and has a special talent to transform photo references into unique, […]