“The vulnerability that many of my subjects exhibit is very much inspired by my own tendency to absorb and react to the environment around me in ways that are more intense and deeper than normal”

Yana Timoshenko is a freelance visual artist who is currently based in Nashville, TN. This young artist stands out for the subtlety, sensitivity and vulnerability with which she represents the human figure through her art. 

In both digital and traditional art, Yana finds a way to create unique pieces that reflect the fragility and beauty of the human being. Perhaps it has to do with the opportunity that life has given her, to be able to spend time in beautiful places like Argentina or Ukraine, or simply the experiences that have accompanied her in her growing career.

In any case, it is always refreshing to learn about the experience of new artists who are making their way into the world of figurative art, and even more so when their talent is so evident.

“Delicate” (Delicacy) By Yana Timoshenko

In this Q&A Yana Timoshenko shares with PoseSpace how she found her way into art, what are her favorites mediums, how PoseSpace has become a great resource for references and more.

“The new Millenium” Timoshenko_24x36

Can you tell us about your background and how you got into art?

I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil. My father says that, as a toddler, he noticed I seemed to pay a great deal of attention to color. Under the suspicion that I had a knack for visual art, this observation would inspire him to buy a book to learn how to draw so that he could then pass on what he learned to me. I always drew for fun growing up, but it wasn’t until I was fourteen that I began drawing regularly. This was about the same time Instagram began gaining popularity, and the wide range of incredible work I saw on social media inspired me to begin trying to seriously improve. It’s been nine years since, and I am proud of the level I’ve achieved and can’t wait to see how it continues to develop.

What are your goals or aspirations as an artist?

My goal is to one day develop my own unique, recognizable style of art. I have experimented with many different mediums and styles over the years, and my biggest kryptonite as an artist is not being able to determine which aesthetic path I’d like to take in regards to my work. I have some degree of admiration for all of them to an extent, but I need to commit to one if I want to have a brand as an artist. I’m currently trying to relocate to NYC, and would love to be able to host my own exhibition once I have a clearer idea of what style I want to do. 

“Stressed” By Yana Timoshenko

What are your favorite mediums and why?

My favorite mediums are oil and graphite, and each is great for a different purpose. I love using graphite pencil to convey details and texture if I am creating something realistic, whereas oil is useful if I want to create something with vibrant, eye-catching colors and illustrative concepts. 

How has your style changed over the years?

My style has matured in the sense that it has become much cleaner. My drawings from adolescence, particularly those found in my sketchbook, hardly had any empty space visible. This resulted in a look that appeared very chaotic and “busy”. I now try to make art that makes the viewer feel more relaxed and convey a sense of balance, which is something I desire for my own life.

What life experiences have influenced your work?

I’m still relatively young, but I still have many experiences to speak of at this age. Many of my works are related to themes of emotional vulnerability and sensitivity, which is the inspiration behind many of the subjects being “shattered” or broken up into smaller pieces. Personally, I myself have always been on the more sensitive side, and have had to work to overcome that and find my inner strength. However, the vulnerability that many of my subjects exhibit is very much inspired by my own tendency to absorb and react to the environment around me in ways that are more intense and deeper than normal.

“Confident” By Yana Timoshenko

What do you think of PoseSpace? Do you have a favorite model?

Posespace is an amazing tool and it is definitely my primary go-to place for art references. My favorite feature of all is the pose viewer, where I can view any given pose from all angles and zoom in as close as I would like. As I mentioned, I love being able to draw different textures and this tool is also highly useful for being able to view and draw skin textures if I want to attain a photorealistic look in my work. I also love the diverse variety of poses available, as it makes it easy to find exactly the type of model and pose you are looking for.  

Website: Timoshenko.co

Instagram: yana_timosh

Youtube Channel: Yana’s Time Lapse Videos

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  1. What remarkable art! It’s amazing getting to hear the artist’s thoughts behind it. I can really see the fragility and balance she wants to evoke with her art, and I am excited to see how she hones her personal brand in the future. Whatever she decides to focus on, from this interview it is clear that it will have emotional depth alongside true artistic talent.

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