“Success for me is to the ability to express through the way I drawing, is the way I manage to make other people feel”

Raz Negev is a very talented young artist from Israel. She is self taught but that doesn’t stop her from learning professional techniques as you can see through her paintings. 

The ability to connect colors with emotions is her stamp, and you can also explore her cultural heritage. She is a modern painter with raw and romantic expressions. 

Her particular and unique style, and the way she appreciates the world and human nature will surely capture your attention.

In this Q&A Raz Negev shares with posespace how she defines her artwork, what are her goals and aspirations, what inspires her when it comes to painting and more.

Can you tell us about your background as an artist

First since I can remember, I was a very curious girl. I always used to stare at people and objects and used to think how fascinating it would be to draw them on the canvas . Creativity was a big part of my nature. I studied for a long time and for years being self-taught. I was always interested in the classic techniques of famous masters like Leonardo da Vinci and Caravaggio. I have developed an ability to observe and understand. In addition, I have developed special techniques for the acrylic paint that I like to use. A lot of people wonder if my paintings are oil, and then they find out it’s acrylic. I like to dive into my drawings because when I do, it’s like I made a deep journey into myself. It allows me to enter into a relationship with the world and with others. I think this is why when a person looks at one of my paintings, they always find themselves overcome by the series of emotions that usually leads to emotion. Interestingly I remark that people never get the same feelings I have in mind. People describe completely different emotions. It makes me realize that painting has the ability to appreciate different emotions depending on the person looking at them. I am obsessed with anatomy. I like to draw all kinds of issues related to humans and the environment. It intrigues me very much.

How do you define your art?

I like to define my art as contemporary, and reject both the concepts of “contemporary” and “anachronism”. As for the two concepts, many times compare naked art to a particular period and it is not an art that compares itself to history and our time, my art is a work made in a way we always long for. Art made in a natural, necessary way, creating nudity and beauty is a necessary thing for our lives.
My art seems to be a quiet work, and I tend to retrieve all the values ​​that contemporary art has tried to destroy, particularly that of beauty. My painting deals with the creation and renewal of the idea it nourishes, usually with the sole purpose of being. To express human beings, feelings of sentiment, emotions and beats, and this has allowed us, during the cycles of the past, to create evidence that beauty is essential to our “being”. One should know that the creative process is a dynamic process. It is consistent with the internal study of beauty that will be discontinued until the end of the table but the movement will continue. Thus, the subject continues to live in the spirit of creation.

What are your goals or aspirations as an artist?

My goals or aspirations as an artist are  to create the series emotions and to change the consciousness, everyone catches different feelings when they look at my work, but I still hope that my art speaks for itself and whoever looks at the work understands what I wanted to convey I definitely think that art and beauty have a big impact in our lives it changes life and energy, it is a jewel of investment and emotion. I would be happy in the future to do more big works and interesting projects.tremendous work to enhance this experience. 

What do you think of PoseSpace? Do you have a favorite model?

I always had a lot of imaginations of poses in my mind to fit my drawings and when I saw your website PoseSpace I was really excited, because it brought me a lot of inspiration, the models are very diverse and not only one particular model, the models look healthy and beautiful with great physiques, The issue of body image is very important nowadays, it’s not just naked it’s external and internal art, and that’s exactly what I was looking for. I have no particular preference for a particular body type, I especially like how it transmits emotion and drama through the poses, anatomy is a divine art.

What inspires you when it comes to painting?

When I painting it’s like to be in a different place, I’m create on the canvas an illusion that challenges me, create manipulation on the  viewer, entering into details, challenging me and bringing me personal pride, to painting it’s like a kind of journey to a mountain, you walk on the way to the top of the mountain for to see the whole landscape the. It’s exactly the same thing. The characters in my paintings represent the outer part of the nude with dreamy elements relating to dreams, space, spirituality and mythology, personal and painful issues from life, try to produce all sorts of subjects that interest me and maintain beautiful visual art.

What’s been your greatest artistic success?

Success is a very complex word, everyone interprets this word differently. Success for me is to the ability to express through the way I drawing, is the way I manage to make other people feel, it can be a good feeling and it can be even a shock, success in a way that I am not forgotten and described as an artist, it is never a Final destination , I always set myself a new goal, the great success I really wish for myself is to reach all kinds of galleries in the world and I can do bigger projects

Website: www.raznegevart.com

Instagram: @y_e_m_o_j_a

Youtube: YEMOJA Artist

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