“I paint mostly figurative subjects because, for me, the work is all about humanity”

American artist Jamie Lindholm was born in Akron, Ohio, in 1961. Ever since she was a little girl she enjoyed painting, but it wasn’t until after she started working that she decided to take her art more seriously. Now, Jamie works as a full-time artist and creates beautiful oil paintings. 

Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the United States and internationally in Sweden, Italy, Great Britain, and Canada. She is currently showing her most recent work, “Evolution to Interconnectedness”, in a virtual gallery that delicately displays her paintings and provides all visitors a fantastic 3D experience. 

In this Q&A, artist Jamie Lindholm shares with PoseSpace how she got into art, what are her favorite mediums, about her work process, and more:

Can you tell us about your background and how you got into art?

Like many artists I know, I’ve been coloring and drawing since I was a child. Growing up, I was one of those kids that also loved Math, Science and English, so when it was time to go to University, I did not originally study art. The moment I graduated, however, that changed. I have been painting and selling regularly since the late 1980’s while working full time. In 2004, I left the corporate world and focused solely on my art. I’ve never looked back and some of my corporate contacts have been my best customers and friends.

Really. Oil 12’ x 12’ study. By Jamie Lindholm

Which artist or painter has influenced you?

My Earliest Influences…The Dutch Masters for sure, but also Anders Zorn, Norman Rockwell and Andrew Wyeth! It was Nelson Shanks’ Danilova’s Slipper that blew me away though, and I thought I’d love to be able to paint like that. That was more than thirty years ago.

What are your favorite mediums and why?

I really only work in Oil for paintings or Charcoal for drawings. I’ve tried everything, but find I enjoy these the best.

What do you think of PoseSpace? Do you have a favorite model? 

I love PoseSpace for many reasons — the variety of models and poses is great. The high resolution images make it possible for me to pull them up on my big screen and view them as if they were posing live for me in my studio. I have mostly worked from life for my work, but during this time of Covid, I am more than grateful to have this option. I have live-model-Zoomed for sure, but I’m not sure any model wants to pose for as long as I typically paint. Also, I often work well into the night and the PoseSpace models never complain about my hours. 😉

There are so many models that love, but Zaza and her poses have fit so well for the work I wanted to complete. She’s beautiful as well and has a very regal air that is projected.

The Interconnectedness of Hope and Fire, 48″ x 24″, Oil on ACM Panel. By Jamie Lindholm

Why figurative art?

I paint mostly figurative subjects because, for me, the work is all about humanity. Most recently I’ve found a more global voice that is focused on our interconnectedness, and how recognizing this could change our actions. We just need to change our perspective to that of a space-eyed viewer.

My painting of Zaza (zaza016) — The Interconnectedness of Geography and Viewpoint — is the first in this endeavor. I’d like to share this upcoming new work, and its hopeful concept, with the world as it’s not unique to one culture, geography, gender or ethnicity.

The Interconnectness of Geography and Viewpoint, 18″ x 18″, Oil on Panel. By Jamie Lindholm

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