“In my opinion, if you can draw the infinite shapes of the human figure, you can draw anything”

Roberto Garza is a talented artist based in Lubbock Texas, US. His passion is to draw the human figure and he’s been doing it for a long time.

In every piece, Roberto is very careful with the details, and he always gets to capture the shapes and the complex of the human body.


In this Q&A artist Roberto Garza shares with PoseSpace how his style changed over the years, the importance of figure drawing, some important advice for young artists, and more.

What are your goals or aspirations as an artist?

To hopefully continue my success. I have recently been asked again to do courtroom illustrations for the ABC show 20/20. my hope is to continue along that avenue. 


How has your style changed over the years?

I use a technique called cross hatching in all my drawings. I first started using it back in high school back in 1982 when my high school art teacher at the time introduced me to the Renaissance masters. I got away from it until about 15 years ago and now I have been doing it ever since.   

What is the importance of figure drawing for you?

In my opinion, if you can draw the infinite shapes of the human figure, you can draw anything.       


What do you think of PoseSpace? Do you have a favorite model? 

PoseSpace is the best source of figurative model images. I really enjoy drawing the wonderful different body types. 

Irina is my favorite PoseSpace model her ability to strike fluid unique poses.


What is the most valuable lesson or advice you can give to a young or starting artist? 

My advice for a starting artist is to study the style of art that you like. Develop a style that you are comfortable with and practice, practice, practice.


Do you have a favorite living artist, whether famous or completely unknown?

Jose’ Luis Garcia Lopez an Argentine comics artist that I have followed since during his run on the Superman comics back in the seventies. His style of figurative work is very powerful and fluid.


Facebook: The Life/ Figurative artwork of Robert Q. Garza

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